Our Story

Inspired & Passionate Organizers

We are a passionate team with a vision of delivering the best festivals in attractive locations. Our goal is to organize festivals in the most unusual places, which will create memories that you will remember for a lifetime.

The main activities of our International Folklore Fesstival Association (IFFA) include the promotion and organization of cultural manifestations, events and festivals around the world, where different groups can participate: Folkloric Groups, Ensembles, Majorette Teams and Marching Bands, Choirs, groups that prefer Modern dances, Ballet, Orchestras, groups that nurture traditional songs, etc.

Participants can apply to some of the festivals in our country or to festivals that are promoted on our side and held in other countries. The groups will have the opportunity to perform, compete and take part in international competitions, festivals and concerts.

Our Association Offers

More Then 100 Festivals

Organization, advertising and promotion of different types of festivals.
Opportunity and chance to participate in festivals in our country or in other countries, regardless of the age of the group members. (Children, Youth and members of Veteran groups who want to travel, compete and want to present their culture can take part in these festivals);
Some of the biggest advantages that these competitions, seminars and festivals offer are the results, prizes, diplomas and certificates that each group (country) receives, as well as the opportunity for participants to meet new people and make new friendships. As mentioned before, the festivals are international and groups from all over the world can take part.
By organizing these festivals we offer a great opportunity for all people around the world to join us who want to enjoy and celebrate the beauty and importance of culture and tradition.